Kaitiakitanga Tirip

On the 5 of August Room 7 met this guy name Chris Judd he talk about different traps after that he gave us some Tracking cards and then he gave us some other cool staff after that we had morning tea

After morning tea we got are bags and walk to the bus the drive to @Cornwall park was 20 min long when we arrived we met Lisa and charlie after we met Lisa and Charlie we s up in to two groups

1 half want with Chris and the other half want with Lisa and Charlie my group want Lisa and Charlie they took to see some NZ trees and we saw a weta hotel after that we s and want with Chris he took us to see some sheep and some traps after that we want back and had some lunch after we had lunch we played some games after we played game we want on the bus and want to school

When we came back from the trip we made some tracking tunnels and want we home.

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