The fun trip

My teacher put a photo on the TV and we had to write a story about it .

One day my family and I went on a trip. When we got there the worker told us to do a maze and if we do it we can swim in this hole fill with water . We thing about it and then they showed us what it look like and it look cool so we went .


After talking to the worker we went inside the maze of course we took some photo’s . The maze was so fun because my uncle was telling a joke and one of my cousin was laughing to hard that she peed her swimming togs it was funny but she didn’t care if we laughed because we were her family. When we got to the big hole that look like a pool we went down the ladder and jump in the water when I jump in the water was so cold I started to moved around so I can get warm . It was so fun the best part was going on the deck and jumping of into the water

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