epro 8

On Monday May 8th Room 7 did EPro 8 . 

The first thing we did was called “Getting Started” and it was just like how to use the tools. When we were half way done the bell rang . After morning tea we took our project down when we were finished taking it down, went to the field and did “Throwing Weights” so we would no the distance of it when it was Full to not full.

After the Throwing weights activity we did our very first activity. It was called Blowing up a hut. It was so much fun and funny building it because one of my teammates was wearing the cardboard and making her look funny. We finished building the hut the next day.

 The next day, we finished the hut at morning tea after the hut we were answering questions. When we were finished we did one more activity and it was a Dump Truck. Our Dump Truck looked so cool and real because it could move because it was wheel and the back part where the rubbish goes could move. Then we did our last pack up. I was a bit sad because I wanted to do more EPro8.  

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