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epro 8

On Monday May 8th Room 7 did EPro 8 . 

The first thing we did was called “Getting Started” and it was just like how to use the tools. When we were half way done the bell rang . After morning tea we took our project down when we were finished taking it down, went to the field and did “Throwing Weights” so we would no the distance of it when it was Full to not full.

After the Throwing weights activity we did our very first activity. It was called Blowing up a hut. It was so much fun and funny building it because one of my teammates was wearing the cardboard and making her look funny. We finished building the hut the next day.

 The next day, we finished the hut at morning tea after the hut we were answering questions. When we were finished we did one more activity and it was a Dump Truck. Our Dump Truck looked so cool and real because it could move because it was wheel and the back part where the rubbish goes could move. Then we did our last pack up. I was a bit sad because I wanted to do more EPro8.  

On St Patrick’s day my family and I didn’t really do much. We were just washing and packing clothes so we could go down to  Te Kuiti because my nana’s brother and my Aunty (My mum’s cousin) passed away and was buried there .


On Saturday my family and I woke up at 5:00 and got change and packed our bags into our new car . After

 that we got in the car and went on our road trip.


The road trip was 2h but all I was doing was just watching my ipad and sleeping . halfway there we stopped at Waitomo homestead to eat Breakfast I just got a fried chicken burger and chips but everyone else had pies. The food was really yummy.


After we ate, we went to New World to get some water to drink with the food and then we went to the marae . 

When we got to the marae, I was just playing with my cousin and then everyone went to the graveyard to go see my nana’s brother’s tombstone.


After that we went back to the marae and had some food. The food was yummy. After we ate we went back to Auckland the drive was 2h and a half back home .When we got home we unpacked and cleaned the car and washed my brother and I School uniform and hung it out and went to sleep .


On Saturday I had a shower and got changed and woke up my brother so he got changed so we can go to the church 175th Jubilee. After we got changed we waited for my nana’s friend to come and pick us up so we could go to church.


The fun trip

My teacher put a photo on the TV and we had to write a story about it .

One day my family and I went on a trip. When we got there the worker told us to do a maze and if we do it we can swim in this hole fill with water . We thing about it and then they showed us what it look like and it look cool so we went .


After talking to the worker we went inside the maze of course we took some photo’s . The maze was so fun because my uncle was telling a joke and one of my cousin was laughing to hard that she peed her swimming togs it was funny but she didn’t care if we laughed because we were her family. When we got to the big hole that look like a pool we went down the ladder and jump in the water when I jump in the water was so cold I started to moved around so I can get warm . It was so fun the best part was going on the deck and jumping of into the water

Mission day

On the 23 of September it was Mission day because it was Mission day and we could wear mufti. To start the day we had assembly under the canopy After assembly we took a photo and than want to class when we went back to class we did our Te Reo A Thon after we all finished our Te Reo A Thon, we watched spirit away while Mr. Bell marked our test . After we finished the movie, all of the classes went to the canopy to see who would win the prizes, after the prizes, Room 8 said a prayer, then all of us went home. My favourite part of the day was when we watched the movie Spirited Away.

Kaitiakitanga Tirip

On the 5 of August Room 7 met this guy name Chris Judd he talk about different traps after that he gave us some Tracking cards and then he gave us some other cool staff after that we had morning tea

After morning tea we got are bags and walk to the bus the drive to @Cornwall park was 20 min long when we arrived we met Lisa and charlie after we met Lisa and Charlie we s up in to two groups

1 half want with Chris and the other half want with Lisa and Charlie my group want Lisa and Charlie they took to see some NZ trees and we saw a weta hotel after that we s and want with Chris he took us to see some sheep and some traps after that we want back and had some lunch after we had lunch we played some games after we played game we want on the bus and want to school

When we came back from the trip we made some tracking tunnels and want we home.

About me

Hi my name is Alyvia, I am 10 years old and I’m year 6, my teacher is Mr. Bell and I am in room 7 and i go to St Patrick’s school. My favorite subject is math and my favorite spot is netball. I live in New Zealand, I live in panmmure, I lived in New Zealand for about 10 years. I live in a house of 3, When I grow up I wanna be a nurse.

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