Stations of the Cross

Stations of the Cross; a day to remember what Jesus went through before his death. Rm 8 re-enacted Stations of the Cross to show our school, Saint Patrick’s, what Jesus went through as he carried his cross to Golgotha.

I played one of the women of Jerusalem. As Jesus walked past he put his hand out and consoled us. As I looked at Jesus I could feel how much pain he was in. The Cross was heavy but he kept on walking, sometimes stumbling.

When Jesus died I felt bad knowing what he had gone through, knowing that he had done nothing wrong, but he died for us.


Suzanne Aubert

Suzanne Aubert

Suzanne Aubert is known as a Religious Sister. Suzanne Aubert was born on 19 of June 1835.When Suzanne was 23-25, her parents had accepted her to become a nun. She sailed to New Zealand to work as a Missionary.

She taught herself Te reo Maori and worked with Maori Sisters. In 1860, while living in the Hawkes Bay she helped young Maori girls teaching them to read and write.

On Christmas day, 1885, Suzanne Aubert gave a burnt down Church $1000 to be restored.

In Wellington, 1907, Suzanne Aubert helped the people suffering from sickness and in need of money. Suzanne created and established a Religious order ;The Daughters of Our Lady of our Compassion. `

Suzanne Aubert died at 91 years old in Wellington in the presence of her sisters.
In December 2016, Pope Francis declared the founder of the Sisters of Compassion Suzanne Aubert ‘Venerable’. This means she is on her way to being canonised as a Saint.

Stone College

Stone Cottage 

On the 17st of October, Saint Patricks school went to Panmure Stone College . 

After morning tea R7 went under the canopy and lined up in a one file then we started waking down to the college . When we got there we were greeted by Patrick and a lady

(I thought got her name) they were just telling us about the history of Panmure and saying that the college was on the road that Panmure Mcdonald’s was after they told us that we went inside .

When we were inside we went in the first room which was the the living room then we were greeting by this other lady which was sitting on a chair (didn’t get to hear what her name was) the lady was showing us pictures of people and stuff that was donated to them then we went to the next room.

The next room was the first bedroom ,the lady was showing us old clothes they used to wear and the old dolls and their toilet that looked like a kind of pot and a place where they washed their face and stuff like that then we moved on to the kitchen .

The next room was the kitchen. The lady said that they didn’t have any fridge back in the days so they had nowhere to put their cold food , then we looked at the pots and where they cooked their food and they cooked their food on the fireplace. After looking in the kitchen we went up stairs with Patrick and split up into two.

 The next room was where all the old stuff , clothes and books were and they keeped it in a glass cupboard so people could see it but not touch it and then we went in the other room .

The other room was the second bedroom and it was the same as the first bedroom. A bed, cupboard, clothes and a doll was its bed. After that we went back down the stairs

and went outside and came back to school.


What is social media?

Social media is apps that you can post photos/videos that other people can see and you can talk to other people that you do or don’t know .Social Media is how people make trends/videos. It’s when they post a video on the internet and other people see it and they make the same video and it turns into a trend . 

Online shopping is really used to buy things overseas or just if you don’t want to go inside the shops . The scary part about online shopping is when you search for things that you want and it will come/pop up with things that  you want because they save your search history so they know what you want so they will recommend things that they already know. That’s how people know A.I is saving their search history. 

Why is social media unsafe/bad?

Social media can not be safe in so many ways , like lots of people blackmail. Blackmail is when someone threatens you to do something then you get so scared

 that sometimes you have to listen and that’s when we should get our parents involved not because you are scared but because they should know what is going on.  Sometimes it can be scary because people can post bad things on the internet that kids can’t see. That is why social media is not that safe for kids. People also cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is used A LOT, most people insult others for fun and others do it because they are not happy with their lives.  


Why can social media be safe/good ?

There are not really many good things on the internet but I know that if your kids go out or go missing and they have a phone on them you can go on your phone and see their location but at the same time it’s bad . If you’re in danger you can go on your phone and call for help and they can do their best to help you or get help for you .

Rippa Rugby

we started walking down to the gate and then we crossed the road and then we walked all the way down to @Dunkirk park . On Tuesday 29 of August we went to a Rippa rugby tournament down at Dunkirk park . 

We have been going down onto the field to play Rippa for the tournament for like a few weeks and we got better and better at it  . 

On the day of the Rippa rugby tournament i was so excited but a little bit scared, after i got change i went to school and after a few minutes when i was there  the bell ring when it ring all of the year 8,7 and 6 that signed up for the rippa  went under the canopy so Mr.Bell could sign us off , after we know everyone was there we went toilet and got our stuff ready to go .

We stared to get into two’s and when we all got a partner  

When we got there we looked for a place to put our mat down. When we found our spot we went down to the field and placed the mat down so we could put our bags down . When we put our bags down we took our shoes off and started practising for our first game . 

When we were practicing pasting the rugby ball to each other Mr.Bell said to go to our first game and my team’s first game was on field 7 and we were versing Glen brae school . It was a fun game but we won but when we knew that the other team won we all ran to each other and started cheering and we were all just happy. When we all knew we won we all went back to our bags to go and eat and got ready for the next game .  

We started walking to our second and we were playing on the same field ( field 7 and 8 ) as the first game and we were versing  Glen Innes school . They were a really good team but sadly we lost but I didn’t really care because it was a good game after all. After the game we went back to our spot where our bags are , when we got there Mr.Bell said that we were versing each other .

We were walking to field 7 to verse each other , when were playing the game the sps 2 got so many tries and we lost there were a good team any ways  , we walked back to the bags and then Mr.Bell said that sps 1 was in 7 place and sps 2 is in 3nd place and that sps 1 only has one more game 

When we were walking to to our field Mr.Bell said that we were versing glen brae again it was a good game but i was happy because we won and then we all ran to the other team and then we knew that we won and they\all jumped like monkeys but not me I’m not a monkey (hehe ) .

And then sps 2 had their last game and this was there cas to go 1st place they were versing Glen brae school , when we were walking up to the field the glen brae looked like they were so ready it was like they knew that they were gonna win and sps 2 look so tired when they were playing glen brae was running so fast when they had the ball with them and that is why sps 2 lost and glen brae won i was happy for sps 2 because they were still 2nd place .

When the game was over we want back to our bags so we pack up , clean our mess and some people got pick up and went home when some people had to walk home ( one of them was me ) when we finish cleaning , pick up we started walking up to school , when we got to school i was so tried but it was so fun and then when the bell ran i had to walk home so i was even more tired but when i got home i went to sleep .



Tsunami is a wave but its a bigger one that damage buildings and thing

A tsunami can work by a volcano eruption underwater making the water go up making a bigger wave that can be called a tsunami and one the biggest tsunamis in history was in ”Lituya bay ,Alaska and it was 1,720 feet tall .

A way you know a tsunami is coming is when there is a warning sound and when the water goes into the sea and comes back to the beach as a big wave – tsunami